Gasoline-98 and Gasoline-100: Which Cars are Better not to Fill It up?

Gasoline-98 and Gasoline-100: Which Cars are Better not to Fill It up?

Network gas stations have recently supported the trend toward purchasing high-octane fuel. Motorists are rejoicing: it seems to them that their vehicle drives faster and they spend less money at that. Gas stations are also rejoicing, as gasoline AI-98 and AI-100 are now a little more expensive than the usual 92 and 95. Let’s talk in more detail.

What is “octane number”?

In simple terms, the octane number is the resistance to detonation. The higher the octane number, the slower the gasoline-air mixture burns. Consequently, the engine will peak without the risk of damage.

A technician of a European fuel brand describes the octane number as follows: “You can make an analogy with a stove. Imagine that there is dry wood, which burns right away, and there is wet wood, which burns slower. When we need to put a lot of wood in the stove at once, it’s better to use wet wood, so that the stove doesn’t explode”.

What happens if you fill the Volga’s tank with gasoline-98 or gasoline-100?

If high-octane fuel is better and more economical, then what happens if you pour it into the tank of the domestically manufactured vehicle? The result is obvious – the consumption will be maximal, and most of the fuel will simply go down the drain. Oh, yes. The car will not be able to work at its full capacity.

If the vehicle is not designed to use high-octane fuel, there is no need to forcibly pour it in. The result will be disastrous.

So, what conclusion can be drawn?

It’s simple. Read your car’s manual. If it says that the “iron horse” needs to be filled with gasoline-92, it means that it must be filled with gasoline-92. In this case, the car will be able to drive using all its capabilities. Fuel with a high-octane rating can be harmful to your car.

In addition to the fact that you need to choose the right fuel for your car, you also need to be careful in choosing the gas station itself. Recently, cases of selling low-quality fuel have increased. Therefore, buy gasoline in Ukraine only at proven gas stations.