{ 01 }
Initial Agreement
Communication with the client: Engaging in detailed discussions with the client to agree on the purchase price and establish a clear understanding of delivery requirements.
{ 02 }
Carrier Coordination
Initiating discussions with the selected carrier to confirm the availability of transport. Agreeing on the rate and other logistical details.
{ 03 }
Preloading Preparation
Creating and finalizing necessary documentation. Submitting an application to the oil terminal, determining loading process specifics.
{ 04 }
Loading Process
Dispatching the transport vehicle to the designated loading location. Ensuring all necessary documents are signed.
{ 05 }
Entry into Ukraine
Organizing the entry of the loaded transport vehicle into Ukraine. Registering at the customs terminal and commencing customs clearance.
{ 06 }
Customs Clearance and Delivery:
Ensuring completion of customs clearance procedures, confirming delivery to the client, verifying completion of all necessary documents and handover.
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